50 Cent visits Capitol Hill to advocate for Black representation in the liquor industry.

50 Cent Looks to Increase Opportunities for Black Owners in the Liquor Business

On Wednesday (June 5), 50 Cent marched his way into Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers in Congress. Alongside renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump, the multi-faceted hip-hop mogul is pushing for an increase in opportunities for Black-ownership within the spirits business, an industry that reportedly rakes in billions of dollars.

50, who owns Sire Spirits liquor company that produces and distributes brands like Branson Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi Champagne, is fighting on behalf of Black entrepreneurs who he feels are underrepresented in the U.S. regarding the amount of wealth that can be acquired by selling booze.

"I went to talk to them about economic opportunities for everybody," 50 Cent says in the video below when speaking on the conversations on Capitol Hill. "It's really exciting, the response I got. It makes me feel like there's bright things ahead of us."

Following the trip to Capitol Hill, 50 Cent hit up Instagram with photos of himself posing with various lawmakers and politicians including Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, California Representative Nancy Pelosi and Georgia Congresswoman Nekima Williams, among others.

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50 Cent Visits Congress Amid Legal Battle With Sire Spirits' Parent Company

The G-Unit boss' advocacy for Black representation in the liquor business comes as Fif squares off in an ongoing legal battle with Sire Spirits' parent company, Beam Suntory. According to Fox 5, 50 Cent filed a lengthy complaint with the New York State Supreme Court accusing Beam Suntory of embezzling millions of dollars from Sire Spirits.

As he was gearing up for his visit with Congress earlier this week, 50 hit up his infamous Instagram account to call out Beam Suntory and their allegedly shady business practices.

"I'm off to DC to talk to the Congressional Black Caucus about how @suntoryglobalsprits has damaged my business," 50 Cent captioned a screenshot of a TMZ story regarding the matter.

Beam Suntory has denied 50's allegations.

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In the video clip and photos below, check out 50 Cent's recap of his seemingly successful visit to Capitol Hill.

Watch 50 Cent Explain the Outcome of His Visit to Capitol Hill

See Photos of 50 Cent Posing With Politicians Following His Visit to Capitol Hill

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