21 Savage jokingly trolled Metro Boomin with Drake's infamous lyrics from his Kendrick Lamar diss track "Push Ups."

21 Savage Trolls Metro Using Drake's "Push Ups" Lyric

On Monday (May 27), a video surfaced on X, formerly known as Twitter, of 21 Savage on Instagram Live chatting with his fans. In the clip, which can be viewed below, 21 spotted his longtime collaborator Metro Boomin in the room and decided to add him on IG Live.

Unbeknownst to 21, however, Young Metro was having some fun in the comments section jokingly calling the Atlanta-bred rapper "OVO Savage." The St. Louis hitmaker also wrote, "I JUST KNOW YOU GOT AN OWL TRAMP STAMP," referring to Drizzy's OVO Sound logo.

When 21 spotted some of Metro's jokey comments, he wasn't having it and blocked him.

"Oh, you was talking s**t, b***h? Get off my Live. I'm finna block this n***a," he said.

"Bullying," he continued as he appeared to be reporting Metro to the IG police. "He bullying me. One person. Submit report. F**k wrong with that n***a."

Later, 21 blurted out Drake's quotable lyric from "Push Ups" to Metro.

"Metro, shut your h* a*s up and make some drums, n***a!" he yelled. The words are lyrics from Drake’s Kendrick diss track “Push Ups.”

It's unclear if 21 Savage actually blocked and reported Metro Boomin to Instagram. Nevertheless, their friendship seems to remain solid despite them trolling each other.

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21 Savage Addresses Drake and Metro Boomin Beef

21 Savage has remained neutral while Drake and Kendrick Lamar were engaging in their epic rap battle. The Toronto rap superstar also threw Metro Boomin under the bus a couple of times during his lyrical back and forth. Metro has responded with his beat contest featuring the viral "BBL Drizzy" song.

On May 12, while on Instagram Live, 21 addressed fans who keep bugging him about Drake and Metro Boomin's ongoing feud.

"Bruh, aye, don't keep comin on my muthaf**kin' live talkin' about no muthaf**kin' beef," 21 said. "Metro my brother and Drake my brother. Them n***as gonna figure that s**t out eventually."

21 Savage, who is friends with both Drake and Metro, is staying out of their beef. Hopefully, everyone can work it out and make some new music together.

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Check out 21 Savage trolling Metro Boomin with Drake's "Push Ups" lyrics below.

Watch 21 Savage Troll Metro Boomin With Drake's "Push Up" Lyrics

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