The Great Escape Turns 70

It's hard to believe that when the Great Escape opens for business later this month, it will be their 70 season up in the beautiful Lake George region of Upstate New York.

Last August, the Great Escape in Lake George retired the Alpine Bobsled Ride to make way for its newest thrill-coaster, "The Bobcat," which is set to open this weekend. 

In the weeks leading up to their 70th season, we saw incredible aerial shots taken from an Adirondack Drone that showed workers assembling this awesome-looking wooden coaster. The pictures are in a gallery below.

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Growl! Check out the Bobcat's front car. Photo: 6 Flags Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor

Saying Goodbye to the Alpine Bobsled

Inspired by the Lake Placid Olympics, the Alpine Bobsled coaster is a trackless coaster that thrills riders who speed down the track in a themed toboggan, gliding around every turn like champion bobsledders.

The ride was initially constructed in 1984 at Six Flags Great Adventure and opened at Six Flags Great Escape in 1998. The area, once home to the Alpine Bobsled, will feature the all-new Bobcat ride in the Spring.

The Bobcat: Fast Facts

  •  Speeds up to nearly 40 mph;
  •  Height: 55.4 feet;
  •  Length:1412 feet;
  •  Two trains, 12 passengers per train;
  •  Beautiful, natural design to complement park surroundings
  •  Revolutionary coaster trains provide a smooth rider experience
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A look at the front car of the new ride coming to the Great Escape this spring: The Bobcat

"Just in time for the park’s 70th anniversary celebration. A perfect complement to the fabled Comet, The Bobcat will provide the unique feel of a quintessential wooden coaster, introducing thrill-seekers to quick turns, and spunky heart-pumping excitement aboard a custom, state-of-the-art, themed train." -The Great Escape


New Ride at the Great Escape for 2024 - The Bobcat

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany

New Thrill Ride Being Built At The Great Escape In Lake George

Last August, the Great Escape in Lake George announced that they'd be retiring the Alpine Bobsled Ride to make way for their newest thrill-coaster called "The Bobcat".
This week, we found incredible aerial shots taken from Adirondack Drone that show workers assembling this awesome-looking wooden coaster, and you can see the pics in a gallery of the photos below.

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany

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Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany