An overwhelming amount of residents agree this spot as the most traffic in the Capital Region.

There are no places on earth to avoid traffic. It is almost going to be a headache for you if you have to commute anywhere. School, work, or just a weekend drive - you're probably going to get stuck in it somewhere.

We decided to ask Capital Region residents where they felt the worst areas of traffic and congestion were and one place got named pretty unanimously.

Hoosick Street - Troy, NY

I am not shocked that this location ended up with the most comments on our Facebook post because anyone who has ever had to drive it knows it is going to be bad.

For instance - I was there on a random Sunday afternoon and it was just as busy as it is during the Monday through Friday work commute.

There were a few other areas that got named as well.

  • Central Avenue from Wolf Road back to 155
  • Central Ave and Colvin Ave
  • Everett Road during rush hour
  • Anywhere in Clifton Park

Also negative points to the guy who wrote "your mom's street." Tisk, tisk.

I don't think that there is any way to fix these traffic problems because we all have to get to and from our destinations. I think there are jsut a lot more commuters on the roads these days.

How could Hoosick Street be better? I'd say add a lane but imagine how long that would take and how much worse the traffic would be during the road work? Would it be worth that headache?

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