The best advice typically comes from experience. Once an individual has "been there and done that" they can help guide you through the do's and don'ts of this situation and that. I am here to tell you, from experience, don't reach into your mailbox to see what that black stuff is.

Over the weekend I did just that, I opened my mailbox to find it empty. Empty of mail but not completely bare. I noticed, without my glasses that there was a black clump of something in there. I thought maybe mold so I reached in to clear it out. Not my best decision.

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After I opened my mailbox and saw the black clump I did indeed reach in to scoop it out. What I learned immediately is that ants have moved into my mailbox. In an instant these tiny insects were racing around my hand and up my arm.

In my half-century of life I have never seen ants in my mailbox before this moment. What the heck are ants doing there? There is no food source for them so maybe they want to hitch a ride Albany via my National Grid bill? Here's why you might have ants in your mailbox.

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According to Oddaalolly, should you find ants in your New York mailbox chances are they arrived there in an attempt to get out of the rain. We have had a fair amount of rain this spring so the new home does make sense.

Want to get rid of them? Simply open the door to your mailbox. Apparently ants don't care for the light and will move along on their own.

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