False identification may be presented in a variety of ways. The first that comes to mind might be a fake ID used to purchase alcohol. On occasion false ID comes in the form of a stolen drivers license. What would you do with a drivers license that wasn't yours?

One individual presented a stolen drivers license at a New York credit union and attempted to cash a fraudulent check. In this case a bank employee was not fooled. Now New York State Police Troop E are looking for the fleeing customer. Perhaps you can help identify the suspect.

On Tuesday June 4th, according to a press release, the individual pictured below attempted to cash a fraudulent $3,500 check using a stolen New York State drivers license. The incident occurred in the town of Farmington, NY. Do you know this person?

518 news, wanted by New York State Police, Farmington New York, Canandaigua

The check for $3,500 and the drivers license presented were quickly determined to be stolen, thanks to the keen eye of an employee at the Reliant Federal Credit Union in Farmington, NY. At that point the suspect fled the credit union.

The vehicle that the suspect used to drive away in appears to be a Chrysler Pacifica or similar make and model minivan.

518 news, wanted by New York State Police, Farmington New York, Canandaigua, fraudulent check

If you have any information regarding this case please contact New York State Police in Canandaigua, NY at 585-398-4100 or email crimetip@troopers.ny.gov.

Datavisor reports that check fraud occurs when paper or digital checks are used to steal money. People may write fraudulent checks on their own accounts or closed accounts, forge someone else’s signature, or draft a fake check.

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