Mother Nature has turned up the temperature in New York State! We are experiencing a heat wave as we begin the summer season. Working outside feels like being in an oven and the inside of your vehicle is well over 100 degrees. First thing you will want to do is cool down your vehicle, right?

It is legal or illegal to cool down your vehicle in New York State.

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Whether it's best for the vehicle or for our own personal comfort, almost all New York drivers cool down their cars. This action could increase the chances of your ride being stolen but what are the legalities of your car running, unattended?

It's a fine line between legal and illegal in the case of cooling your vehicle and YOU are the difference maker. Here's what I mean.

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According to, there are several states that have laws against an individual cooling down their car. This action could cause you to be ticketed in Ohio, Michigan, Washington, D.C. California. For us New Yorkers it's a little more complicated.

Under section 1210 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Lawno person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, removing the key from the vehicle, and effectively setting the brake.

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In other words, if you happen to be sitting in the vehicle you won't get a ticket. In New York City you can leave a vehicle idling for no more than 3 minutes before the possibility of a ticket. The fine ranges from $350 - $2000.

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