We are ending spring 2024 and beginning summer 2024 with a good old fashioned heat wave. Summer officially begins this afternoon at 4:50pm and today's high temperature is expected to reach 94 degrees! If only there was a place to cool off.

The ribbon has been cut and the Grand Opening of Schenectady's Central Park Pool could not have arrived at a better time. This pool and spray park are now open to the public and the facilities are beautiful.

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Approval for a new Central Park Pool, at Iroquois Way in Schenectady, New York, was granted in August of 2022. Less than 2 years and more than $10 million dollars later the pool is open.

I grew up here in the city of Schenectady and spent a lot of time in Central Park at the old pool, so I never imagined the day that we’d have a state-of-the-art facility like this. But to have a place where families can come and it’s free and doesn’t cost anything to bring a blanket and have a good time, that’s outstanding. - City Council President Marion Porterfield

The Central Park pool features one pool with 6 swimming lanes and diving platforms, a child's pool with a depth of 1 foot and entrance to the main pool is gradual starting at 0 feet. This pool area will be open Monday through Friday from Noon to 6:30pm and Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 6pm.

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