It has been months since we heard that the biggest eyesore in Albany would most likely be torn down. So what is happening with this building?

The Central Warehouse in Albany New York has sat vacant and decaying since it was abandoned in the early 1990s.

Now it sits in clear view of anyone coming in our out of downtown Albany on the highway and quite honestly, it is pretty embarrassing. Albany has come a long way and we continue to expand and grow. This building just keeps making us look like the joke everyone makes us out to be.

We had the King and Queen of the Netherlands in the Capital Region, not to mention Stevie Nicks - and that is just this week. You can bet they had to take a look at this monstrosity.

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Back in January we learned that the building was going to be torn down. The date that everyone thought would be demo day was May 29, 2024. There was even a Facebook event page set up for it with over 4,000 people wanting to go watch this building crumble.

Now it's June 12th and so far there is no news as to when this building will be demolished.

WTEN reports that the demo of the building is expected to cost over $12 million. That's a lot of money just to tear down a building, but honestly it is worth it. We're never going to be taken seriously for more major events or potential sports teams with things like this sitting front and center.

In 2022 Albany County took over this property only for it to end up in the hands of Redburn Development who have done nothing but put mesh netting around the building. If you look up Redburn Development it will tell you all you need to know about the future of this building and how shady these dealings have been.

It's time for some actual answers from local officials on when this building is coming down - before more of it starts falling onto the train tracks below.

Sneak Peek Inside The Creepy Old Central Warehouse