There are seven teams that, if the playoffs started today in the National Football League, would represent the AFC in pursuit of a Super Bowl victory.

The Buffalo Bills, who currently sit at 5-4 after nine games, would not be one of those teams. The Bills have now passed the halfway point of the regular season, and are playing a brand of football that Buffalo fans have not seen in a few years.

That's not a compliment, either.

They've alternated losses (three) and wins (two) in their last five games, and in an effort to avoid losing their fifth game of the year, a few of the team's leaders recently called a players-only meeting to address some of their issues.

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Leaders Call Players-Only Meeting in Buffalo to Try to Fix Bills' Issues

A report from New York Upstate shared an update that, on Thursday, running back Latavius Murray and a handful of the team's leaders called a players-only meeting in the Buffalo Bills' locker room. This is a fairly common practice in pro sports, but one that only happens when a team is struggling significantly to win games.

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Here's what Murray had to say to NY Upstate on the Bills' recent play:

“I just feel like we can play and beat anybody,” he said. “A lot of times, and it’s getting redundant, it’s us beating ourselves. How can we avoid that? What can we do possibly different during the week, or how can we avoid that?” - Latavius Murray via NY Upstate

 Meanwhile, here's what Khalil Shakir had to say:
“As an offense, we have to realize, this is us, we’re the show. We’re going to keep going and doing what we’re doing. Looking to your right and looking to your left and realizing the talent that we have.” - Khalil Shakir via NY Upstate
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The Buffalo Bills have two consecutive opportunities in front of them to play winnable football games. They host the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football on November 13th, before visiting MetLIfe Stadium to battle the New York Jets on November 19th.

Following those games, however, they face the Eagles, Chiefs and Cowboys over their next three games. So, if they want to fix their problems and get back in the hunt for an AFC East title, they have roughly two weeks to figure it out before playing these juggernaut teams.

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