When someone says the term Upstate New York to you, what comes to mind?

For some, they'll picture the incredible landscape and environmental beauty that covers the area. Others will think of the heavily populated areas that emerge from out of the trees, like Buffalo and Rochester.

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Others, meanwhile, will become enraged as they think of the ridiculous where does Upstate New York start and end debate. Long story short, everyone has their own mental image that pops up when someone mentions Upstate to them.

We took that a step further, and searched the term Upstate New York on the image database, Getty Images. Within Getty, you can sort the list of photos (a list of 593 pictures, to be exact) by date or popularity.

We chose the latter, and listed ten of the most popular photos mentioning "Upstate New York" below. You can scroll down to take a look.

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It's pretty remarkable to see what's been stored on Getty Images over the years. The earliest photo mentioning that specific phrase came from 1997, while the most recent photo was taken on March 30, 2023. You can find photos of nature (surprising, I'm sure), residential areas, court cases, politicians, musicians and so much more, simply with a few keystrokes.

Now that I've finished what must've felt like a free advertisement for Getty Images, let's get to the list. Scroll below to check out ten of the most "popular" photos of Upstate New York on Getty, with the popularity having been determined by the amount of searches and clicks each photo has received.

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We searched the regional term "Upstate New York" on the photo database Getty Images, and these were ten of the pictures people clicked on most often.

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