To fans of the other 28 teams in Major League Baseball, the relationship between fans of the New York Yankees, and the New York Mets, is a comical one. The Yankees have been regarded among the elites in professional sports for generations. They possess one of the most recognizable logos and brands in the entire world, sports or otherwise.

Yes, the Mets have built quite the strong fanbase in their half century-plus in existence, and yes, new owner Steve Cohen has been the talk of baseball since purchasing the team. All that being said, the Mets are still the "little brother" to the Yankees within the context of New York sports, and that reputation is likely here to stay.

Apparently, regular fans aren't the only ones who find all of this funny, as one comedian took aim at both Empire State teams, and their fanbases, in a hilarious comedy bit.

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Comedian Jim Breuer Takes Aim at New York Baseball,  Aaron Judge in Rant

A video from the TikTok account of comedian Jim Breuer has been making the rounds on the Internet, and caught my eye on Wednesday. In the clip, Breuer presents a bit in which he compares fans of the New York Yankees, and New York Mets.

As one would probably expect, Mets' fans are collectively the butt of the joke for most of his on-screen rant.

Wild Card Series - San Diego Padres v New York Mets - Game Two
New York Mets' fans / Getty Images

Breuer uses the term "we" when describing Mets' fans, showing that he is indeed a fan of the team in Queens. He describes Mets' fans as cynical, claiming that fans of the team actively want the New York Yankees to fail.

The part that really made me laugh, however, was his perception of how Yankees' fans regard the Mets. He believes the average Yankees' fan thinks the Mets are cute, an adjective that usually doesn't sit well with fanbases who are described in such a way.

Aaron Judge Press Conference
Willie Randolph, Aaron Judge, Derek Jeter / Getty Images

Then, he gets to the next topic of his act: Yankees' slugger Aaron Judge. He wonders aloud how anyone was surprised by the emergence of Judge into the superstar we see on the field today, implying that his 6'8" frame should've been a pretty good clue.

He then compares Judge to Herman Munster. That one made me laugh out loud, too.

Take a look at the full video that was posted on Breuer's TikTok account:

@jimbreuersbreuniverse Mets vs Yankee fans ⚾️ #jimbreuer #mets #yankees #mlb #baseball #sports #comedy #standupcomedy #funny #funnyvideos #comic #baseballlife #baseballboys ♬ original sound - Jim Breuer

It's an extremely funny bit to me for one main reason: it's all, more or less, completely true. Breuer's observations mirror thousands of thoughts that I've read online, heard on the radio, or seen on TV from the fanbase of the New York Mets.

It's funny because it's true, and unfortunately for fans of the Mets, it likely won't change anytime soon.

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