2022 can be described many different ways by New York sports fans, but boring definitely isn't one of those ways.

Across the board, New York's professional sports teams went through some of the highest highs, and lowest lows, over the past 365 days. Some contended for championships and won game-after-game in a row, while others dealt with terrible performances in games, and embarrassing off-the-court headlines that weighed them down for months at a time.

When we put together all of the shocking storylines from the past year in New York sports, however, which ones emerge above, or below, the rest?

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Lookin Back at Ten of the Most Shocking New York Sports Stories from 2022

From January 1st through December 31st, or thereabouts (it's December 13th today), there were numerous stories in New York sports that shocked, amazed and disappointed fans everywhere. Players coming and going, teams winning and losing, and of course, the occasional scandal all made headlines in 2022.

Few players made headlines in New York in 2022 more often than Aaron Judge, who amazed fans locally, and nationally with his performance for the Yankees. Judge chased after history for most of this past MLB season, and while it took him until the very end to accomplish his feat, he was able to break Roger Maris' AL home run record.

Division Series - New York Yankees v Cleveland Guardians - Game Three
Aaron Judge dominated headlines in 2022 / Getty Images

Elsewhere, the trials and tribulations of "New York" football teams made headlines, first for the low points, but then, slowly-but-surely, for the high points, as well. Brian Daboll and Robert Saleh worked diligently to make 2022 a positive year for fans at MetLife Stadium, and to this point in the calendar year, have both accomplished that goal.

It hasn't been a stellar year for basketball in New York, but that doesn't mean there haven't been PLENTY of things to talk about all year long.

Okay, enough foreshadowing from me. We combed through the countless stories that New York sports fans watched, heard and read about in 2022, and compiled our list of the ten stories that truly shocked and amazed fans this year.

Take a look at our list below, and let us know which story surprised you the most.

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