The last 365 days in New York sports were nothing if not entertaining.

In The Bronx, Aaron Judge re-wrote home run history in the American League, while Steve Cohen quickly established his team in Queens as a major player for the foreseeable future. Brian Daboll arrived, and the Giants subsequently burst onto the scene in the NFC. Jalen Brunson elevated the Knicks, while Kyrie Irving nearly did the opposite for the Nets.

With all of that (and a lot more) having happened in 2022, what could this upcoming year possibly bring to the table?

With a new year comes new expectations, and a number of teams in New York have incredibly high expectations heading into 2023. We're here to set the bar even higher.

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Setting Higher-Than-High Expectations for New York's Teams in 2023

Between Buffalo, New York City and the "New York" football teams at MetLife Stadium, there are ten professional teams in the "big four leagues" that consider themselves to be New York sports teams.

With that in mind, we've put together ten predictions, one for each team, that may seem a bit insane at first glance, but that could actually come true in the new year.

Newly-named captain Aaron Judge and the Yankees have high expectations for 2023 / Getty Images
Newly-named captain Aaron Judge and the Yankees have high expectations for 2023 / Getty Images

To put these predictions together, we examined each team individually. We took a look at what each franchise was able to accomplish in 2022, and estimated their trajectory for the 2023 calendar year.

We then took that estimation, and set the bar even higher. Whether it was winning a championship, making a major trade, or letting a member of the front office go, nothing was off-limits when putting this list together.

Here are ten insane-but-possible predictions for New York's professional sports teams for the 2023 calendar year. Which one do you think might come true?

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