The bizarre connection between Ryan Gosling and Baldwinsville, NY has taken another turn.

In a story that you can read below, we outlined how the famous actor acquired a letterman's jacket from, of all places, Baldwinsville High School. People from the area attempted to thank Gosling for wearing it in multiple ways, and apparently, Gosling heard their praise.

As a token of his appreciation, Gosling autographed a letterman's jacket from his newest movie, The Fall Guy, and sent it back to the town, saying he wanted to have it displayed at the B'ville Diner so that everyone can enjoy it.

Take a look:

So, how did this all begin? Scroll below to read our original post on this chance encounter.

Let's get one thing out of the way right away: Ryan Gosling is NOT from New York.

I'll take it one step further: Ryan Gosling isn't even from the United States. He was born and raised in Ontario, and per his Wikipedia page, was educated at Gladstone Public School, Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School and Lester B. Pearson High School.

This information leads me to this question: how, then, did Ryan Gosling get his hands on the letterman jacket from a school in Central New York?

Ryan Gosling Spotted Wearing Baldwinsville Football Letterman Jacket

Check out this clip, posted to YouTube and discovered by New York Upstate, featuring Gosling leaving a building and getting into a car:

Here's another angle of the same walk:

The second video shows a bit more clearly that Gosling is wearing a Baldwinsville Football letterman jacket. Fans from the area began to do some investigating, and here's what they were able to uncover.

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How Ryan Gosling Received a Baldwinsville Letterman Jacket to Wear

Per a separate New York Upstate article, Baldwinsville football coach Carl Sanfilippo estimated that the jacket being worn by Gosling was from 1984 or 1985. He claimed to have sent Gosling a message inquiring about the jacket, but had not heard back as of the publishing of that story.

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Baldwinsville natives were not yet satisfied. So, resident Veda Terrinoni reached out to Gosling's stylist, who informed Terrinoni that he had found the jacket at a flea market in Long Beach, California.

He informed Gosling about it, and they both liked the look of it, so he bought it for the actor. Now, it seems like Gosling is wearing it fairly regularly, based on this photo from his recent Saturday Night live appearance:

One question has yet to be answered by anyone involved in this situation: who's Jason, the name on the front of his jacket?

Based on the Baldwinsville Football alumni list available online, there are a few Jason's who fit the timeline shared by Coach Sanfilippo. As far as we could see, no one has stepped up and claimed (previous) ownership for the jacket.

So, for now, all we can do is wait, and wonder!

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