Fans of the New York Giants have been through the ringer this season. In reality, they've been through the ringer during the past five seasons.

In theory, you'd want to thank your fans for being patient with your franchise during the tougher times. The New York Giants are attempting to thank their season ticket holders, but in the process, have angered a great deal of them.

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The New York Giants Are Giving Away...Free Sodas?

No, really. That is the Giants' master plan. The team announced a Fan Appreciation Day at Metlife Stadium, in an attempt to thank their season ticket holders for their dedication to the franchise. In all of their infinite wisdom, their big gift to the fans is exactly ONE (1) free medium soda.

That's it, that's all. One medium soda. And it's only available THIS Sunday!

Thank you to the folks at Giants Wire and SB Nation for shining a light on this travesty.

A Fountain Soda Costs Just Over 25 Cents to Produce

I did some research for my fellow Giants' fans, to see what kind of investment the team was making in their fans. Believe it or not, I found the answer.

"Coke syrup is mixed 5 parts of water to 1-part syrup. That 5-gallon box yields 30 total gallons of product which costs $0.0192 per ounce (national account) or $0.0212 at Sam’s. Add in the cost of cup, lid and straw of $0.0574 brings the cost of a 12-oz. no ice drink to $0.2878, compared to a 12-oz. can of soda at Sam’s Club of $0.285." - Moore Better Performance

There it is, New York Giants' faithful. Your hundreds, thousands of dollars that you've poured into this team, between tickets, merchandise and concessions, are worth $0.29 to the New York Giants.

And I rounded up.

For all of the pain, the misery, the utter dysfunction up and down the franchise, we're all finally being rewarded.

With one (1) cup of soda pop. Happy holidays!

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