New legislation has been introduced that would bring a highly-requested item to the shelves of New York's grocery stores. Local area residents are mostly in-favor of this decision, but certain business owners aren't so pleased with the possibility of this change taking place.

Let's break down the reasons for all of this...whining.

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New York Looks to Add Wine to Grocery Store Shelves; Some are Opposed

A story from ABC News 10 in Albany detailed the rift that's currently developing between local supermarkets, and local liquor stores, over recently-introduced legislation that could permit grocers to sell wine in their stores.

The legislation, New York State Senate Bill S6786, establishes supermarket wine licenses to sell from the licensed premises wine in sealed containers for consumption off such premises.

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The bill was sponsored by four State Senators from the Democratic Party: Leroy Comrie, Jeremy A. Cooney, Simcha Felder and Brad Hoylman-Sigal. It is currently in the committee stage of the ratification process.

As asserted by News 10, there are two organizations that represent the two sides of this issue.

On one side, we find the National Supermarket Association, who want their grocery stores to be able to sell wine, since they are already allowed to sell beer. On the other side, we find the New York State Liquor Authorities, who want their liquor stores to keep their exclusive right to sell wine.

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Though this bill might get passed in the future, the current legislative schedule favors the interests of the liquor stores, and the Liquor Authority. Lawmakers only have ten more days to pass the bill, and it still needs to be introduced on the senate floor, be passed by the Senate, and signed by Governor Kathy Hochul in order to be officially ratified.

Unfortunately, it seems as though wine-lovers in New York may be left with empty cups in the short-term when trying to buy wine during their trips to the supermarket.

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