Earlier this week, it was announced that Leslie Frazier, defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills, would be taking the year off from coaching in 2023.

Frazier has been the DC in Buffalo since 2017, and has held the additional title of "assistant head coach" since 2020. Frazier has coached in five different decades, beginning at Trinity International University, where he started as head coach in 1988.

With that said, at the age of 63, he's set to step aside. The move leaves a bit of uncertainty on the defensive end for the Bills, but if you look across the Bills Mafia, you won't find a lot of panic.

So, why then, is a former foe of the Bills saying that it's over for Buffalo in 2023?

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Ex-Buffalo Bills' Foe Wide Receiver Claims 'It's Over' in Buffalo

A story penned in New York Upstate by friend of The Drive with Charlie & Dan, Ryan Talbot, shared comments from former NFL wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, regarding the news that Leslie Frazier was set to step aside in 2023.

The comments came on the I Am Athlete Podcast, where Marshall made the following statement: “It’s over for Buffalo. It’s over."

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He expanded on his opening statement, saying the following:

"I’m telling you, that defense (was) nice. It’s the coach (Leslie Frazier). You can keep the scheme, but you can’t keep his leadership. ‘Yo, let me go talk to this player like this. Let me go meet this one where they’re at. Let me go challenge this one. Let me cut this one.’ So you can keep the scheme, but he ain’t there.” - Former NFL WR Brandon Marshall

I'm sorry, but isn't this just a little bit dramatic?

Look, I'm not here to understate the impact of Leslie Frazier on the defensive unit for the Buffalo Bills. Frazier's defensive unit have ranked either first, or second, in least amount of points allowed per game in three of the past four seasons. The Bills are always a difficult team to play against for opposing offense, and his system and execution can be directly credited for that.

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That all being said, just because you remove a play-caller from Buffalo, doesn't mean you'll necessarily remove Buffalo from the plays that were being called. All signs point to the Bills maintaining the same defensive scheme, and continuing to give opposing offenses nightmares next season.

Also, and possibly more importantly, this is a one-year absence for Leslie Frazier.

Now, Frazier's feelings could change, and the temporary hiatus could turn permanent at some point. As of now, however, it appears as though Leslie Frazier will have a brief respite from his coaching duties, and return to the sidelines in 2024. So, naturally, the Bills would benefit from maintaining their same style of play, so that when Frazier does return, he can do so without missing a beat.

It's not over for the Buffalo Bills; that's a completely ridiculous statement. Rather, it's a different voice calling the same plays. It's also a defensive unit that needs to elevate its game in the playoffs, regardless of who their defensive coordinator is.

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