At its core, a sports jersey is only a piece of clothing, yet it carries so much more meaning than any other shirt you have in our closet.

The colors of the jersey are iconic, the logo is completely unique, and every stitch comes together to create a truly special piece of clothing in our minds. We wear it proudly, we pound your chest in the area where the logo sits; when we wear that jersey, we're a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Our favorite athletes wear these jerseys every day, so when they ditch our team's colors for those of a different franchise, doesn't it look a bit strange?

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Looking Back at New York Athletes Who Looked "Wrong" in New Colors

An article from The New York Post was posted following Jacob deGrom's introductory press conference with the Texas Rangers, during which he donned the Rangers' jersey for the very first time. It compared the feeling of seeing deGrom in red, white and blue with the feeling of seeing other notable New York athletes in their new colors.

In terms of the press conference, it was a moment that made Mets' fans cringe, but it also got us thinking: how many other New York athletes have changed teams, and when they put on their new uniform, looked completely wrong while wearing it?

Simply put, there's been hundreds of them, but a few notable names stuck out in our minds. We're talking about players who were beloved by fanbases in New York, yet made the choice to sign a contract elsewhere.

When they did, naturally, they would suit up for their first game in different colors, causing fans of their former team to get a less-than-pleasant feeling in their stomachs.

You know the feeling. Don't tell me you don't.

Let's take a look back at ten such athletes, who looked completely wrong in colors other than those of their former New York team. Which ex-New York player looks the most strange to you?

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