Most PGA Tour golfers don't spend a ton of time in Upstate, or Central, New York during a given year.

Most golfers on the tour set up permanent residences in a southern state, where the weather is warm, and the golf season is inherently longer. They'll flock to Florida, Texas, Arizona and even west to California, and will only travel to Upstate for a tournament every few years.

Because of this, golfers who came through Rochester this past week were forced to acclimate to the weather, and the culture, of the area very quickly. They also got the chance to learn more about an Upstate New York food delicacy, and some of their reactions were truly priceless.

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PGA Tour Golfers React to the "Garbage Plate" Upstate NY Food Delicacy

At certain points during this past weekend's PGA Championship, which was played at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, a handful of golfers were asked if they were familiar with a Rochester/Upstate New York delicacy: the garbage plate.

If you yourself are not familiar with the mouth-watering creation, check out this news package done on it by Spectrum News 1:

So, what did the PGA players have to say about the concept of the garbage plate? Check out these quotes, via The Democrat & Chronicle:

“Nope,” said Brooks Koepka (on whether he had heard of it).

“Uh, you got some context?” asked Scottie Scheffler.

Said Brit Matt Fitzpatrick: “That’s America in one long sentence right there.”

Shane Lowry said, “I’m afraid to look.”

Xander Schauffele said, “I mean, I’ll take a bite before I knock on it. Is that egg under there?”

“I’m taking the afternoon off if I’m having that.” - Justin Thomas

Said Jordan Spieth: “Yeah, I’ll eat that. Probably not before the night I play in the PGA this year. But maybe, like, Monday.”

Rory McIlroy said, “I’ve only had one Garbage Plate in my life. I haven’t went overboard with that.”

Honestly, that's about as good as it could've gone. The creation of home fries, mac salad, cheeseburgers, meat sauce and whatever else you can dream of will be loved by some and reviled by others, but intrigue the masses either way.

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Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find myself a garbage plate, so I can eat it and, as Justin Thomas so eloquently put it, take this afternoon off!

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