There is one QB in NFL history with 300+ passing yards, 2+ passing TDs and 70+ rushing yards in a playoff game.

His name is Daniel Jones, and he did it last night against the Minnesota Vikings, propelling the Giants to an improbable 31-24 victory in the NFL Wild Card round. Jones looked cool, calm and collected under center, and as the pressure built, his performance built in response.

Now, the Giants have a date with the No. 1 seeded Philadelphia Eagles next week, and Jones will look to continue to build his playoff resume. Whenever the Giants finish their playoff run, however, they'll have to decide whether Daniel Jones is worth keeping in New York moving forward.

I believe they'll come to an agreement, but the question becomes this: how long, and for how much, do you sign him for?

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Why Daniel Jones Will Re-Sign with the New York Giants

First and foremost, yes, I believe Daniel Jones and the New York Giants will reach a contract agreement this offseason, because it will benefit both sides to maintain this relationship.

For the Giants, Jones is a homegrown talent, and has taken remarkable strides in their new system, which was implemented by new head coach, Brian Daboll, during this preseason. Daboll appears to be here to stay, meaning his system will remain in-place, as well.

If Jones has excelled already, with next-to-no offensive weapons to catch his passes, why wouldn't New York want to continue to invest in this year's product?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
Daniel Jones with Brian Daboll / Getty Images

For Jones, meanwhile, he knows all-too-well how tough life in the NFL can be without the proper coaching to guide you. He struggled immensely during the first three years of his career, and is only now beginning to recognize his potential under Brian Daboll.

So, if you're in his position, why leave after one year with the coach that finally started to help you reach your potential?

Both sides would benefit from an extension of their relationship, but of course, there are terms that will need to be ironed out. What does a Daniel Jones contract look like in 2023, based on his play in the second half of 2022?

So, What is a Daniel Jones Contract Worth in 2023?

Let's begin this discussion with a look at Jones' estimated market value. This figure comes from Spotrac, one of the leading sources for professional sports contract information. Here's what they claim:

Market Value: 3 yrs, $76,610,883 (average value of $25,536,961)

That would place Jones, approximately, between Ryan Tannehill and Tom Brady in terms of contract value for a quarterback. While that dollar amount may be amenable for the Giants, my gut tells me that Jones may command more money, given his play down the stretch.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
Daniel Jones / Getty Images

The more that Daniel Jones wins, the more his salary number is going to soar. If we're talking about comparable quarterbacks, he's not in the Allen-Mahomes conversation, but he's certainly in a conversation with a player of Kyler Murray's caliber, and he was drastically overpaid by his team in Arizona.

Granted, Jones has been successful for one (1) season, so the lack of a track record may be a saving grace for New York during their negotiation. Needless to say, there are a lot of aspects to consider before a deal can get done.

The question becomes: are you paying for what he's done, or what you think he might do?

With all of the analysis provided, my prediction for a Daniel Jones contract with New York is this: four years, $112 million ($28 million average).

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