Athletes say things on television all of the time. It's a huge part of playing sports professionally, as we all know.

Sometimes, they'll say something inspirational, or something motivational, that will make you want to pull on your favorite team's jersey, and thump your chest directly where the logo sits on the front of it. You'll want to run through a brick wall, metaphorically-speaking.

There are other times, however, where a comment from an athlete on your favorite team will make you shake your head. That happened for me, and a number of Giants' fans, this morning.

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NY Giant Julian Love Makes Bizarre Comments About Eagles' Nick Sirianni

Appearing on NFL Network's Good Morning Football this morning, the always-jovial Julian Love made a few interesting comments about Philadelphia Eagles' coach, Nick Sirianni. The fourth-year New York Giants' safety insinuated that Sirianni was not a talented coach, but rather, was being propped up by an incredible roster of players.

Take a look for yourself:

Look, I'm a huge New York Giants' fan, and a huge fan of the player that Julian Love has become. He stepped up in a major way for Big Blue this season, filling the gap in the secondary after players like Logan Ryan and James Bradberry were let go, and doing an admirable job in that capacity.

That being said, when I heard those comments this morning, I shook my head. To me, the tone of voice was fine, but the words themselves sounded bitter.

To borrow a modern-day phrase, he sounded salty.

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Getty Images

Two things can be true in this instance. The Philadelphia Eagles undoubtedly have a talented roster, and the argument can be made that their roster is superior to any other in football. If they defeat Kansas City in the Super Bowl, then that argument will be accurate beyond reproach.

That being said, just because a team has a dominant roster, doesn't mean they automatically win their sport's championship. If that was the case, no one would've beaten the late-1990's Yankees, and the 2007 New England Patriots would've finished off their perfect season.

No, you have to implement a system that allows the roster to perform at a high level. Enter: Nick Sirianni.

Is Nick Sirianni the best coach in football? I don't know that answer. He's certainly in the top half of his profession, and arguments can be made that he's a Top 10, and maybe even Top 5, coach in the NFL.

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Getty Images

Let's look at it this way. The Philadelphia Eagles POUNDED the New York Giants in their first meeting of the season. Different players were on the field (including a new QB, Davis Webb) in their meeting in Week 18, and Sirianni had a game plan that allowed his team to beat that version of the Giants, too.

Then, in the playoffs, with a rested Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, and the Giants coming off of a huge victory in Minnesota, Sirianni and the Eagles POUNDED the Giants again for the perfect 3-0 season sweep.

Three different games. Three different circumstances. Three different wins.

Again, I adore the Giants, and I adore Julian Love. Heck, I adore that the Giants are relevant enough to have a player featured on Good Morning Football. What I don't love, is a player sounding bitter after being beaten fair and square in the playoffs.

Take your lumps, congratulate your victorious opponent, and use the offseason to figure out how it won't happen again.

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