Antonio Brown made approximately $88 million during his NFL career, which spanned 12 seasons. Yet, three years after his final snap in the National Football League, the Super Bowl champion wide receiver has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The information, originally shared by The Times Union, was recently posted on X:

This is how Brown reacted to the story being shared:

Don't worry, folks. It didn't stop there:

Barstool Sports weighed in on his bankruptcy with a story of their own:

As was detailed by The Times Union, $1.2 million of the nearly $3 million that Brown owes is connected to a lawsuit that was filed against Brown in 2020, which alleges that Brown assaulted another individual at the time.

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According to reports, Brown's current assets are worth roughly $50,000, or so he claims. None of his creditors have any connections to the Albany Empire, or the sponsors that were connected to the franchise.

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Brown's tenure as owner of the Empire came to an abrupt end on June 15, 2023, after the National Arena League terminated Albany's franchise agreement over unpaid dues and fines.

Following that debacle, he has spent his time building his own media brand, the CTESPN Network.

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