I don't care how much you love your greens and veggies if someone said to eat an invasive plant you might think they were crazy. Talk of invasive species both plants and animals is on everyone's mind these days.

Invasive plants can be tough to deal with especially if they are creeping into areas that agencies like the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation can't track well. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with plants, bugs, and animals that don't belong in the Hudson Valley. If you spot something notify your NYS DEC office.

Gypsy Moth Aren't the Only Invasive Proplem this Summer

Earlier this week I was thinking about what might eat Gypsy Moth caterpillars so that I could get whatever it was and turn it loose on my lawn. Turns out I already have a caterpillar eater in my yard, apparently, Blue Jays like them as a snack and I have tons of Jays.

Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) in the night"r"n

What would have been great was if the Gypsy Moth caterpillars ate invasive plants instead of my trees. Fun fact the moths did not eat my mint, rosemary, or basil. Those plants are big no-nos among bugs. So if hungry caterpillars say no to plants who would eat some Garlic Mustard or Japanese Knot Weed?

How To Learn About Edible Invasive Plants

The answer is we can and there is an event planned next month, July 18th at the Forsyth Nature Center in Kingston where you can learn all about it. The Naturalist Passport - Edibles and Invasives will be an hour-long program you can attend hosted by Kingston Parks and Recreation

Join us in discovering the plants around Kingston. Some are edible and some are invasive and some are even both! Learn the difference between native and invasive and the difference between edible and nonedible. (via Facebook)

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If you can't make the event you can get a quick overview by reading an article from Scenic Hudson titled If you Can't Beat 'Em Eat 'Em. It lists plants with pictures so you know which invasive plants could also be tasty snacks.

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