Make plans now to catch a rare sight above the Walkway Over the Hudson that's planned for this month.

UPDATE: The time of the flyby has changed due to weather, see below

The Placid Lassie is set to soar above the iconic pedestrian bridge linking Poughkeepsie and Highland, New York. The plane is an original C-47 transport that served in World War II and participated in Operation D-Day.

Unlike many other warplanes that are flying today, the Placid Lassie isn't a replica or a restoration put together from surviving parts of other planes. According to the plane's operator, the rivets you see on the Placid Lassie are the exact same ones that crossed the English Channel on June 6th, 1944 to drop paratroopers into France.

Wappingers Falls Placid Lassie

Placid Lassie Calls Wappingers Falls, New York Home

The Placid Lassie is one of two planes currently under the care of The Tunison Foundation. The group was formed in 2017 by James Lyle and Eric Zipkin to preserve historic World War II aircraft. Over 100 volunteers are currently working to restore a 1942 Consolidated Vultee PBY-5A Catalina. Unlike the Placid Lassie, the Catalina hasn't been airworthy for years but the group hopes to get it flying soon.

Both planes are currently housed at Hudson Valley Regional Airport in Wappingers Falls, New York. Work is underway to create an exhibit that would allow the public to see photos, plaques, documents and other items associated with the historic planes.

Poughkeepsie Highland New York Walkway

Placid Lassie to Fly Over Hudson River in Poughkeepsie and Highland, New York

The World War II C-47 Transport makes regular visits to airshows and plane museums across the country, but this month will give locals a chance to see it flying overhead. According to Commander Tom Zurhellen, the Placid Lassie was expected to conduct a special flyover above the Walkway Over the Hudson this Friday, May 17 at 10:30am. However, we got word early Friday that the Tunison Foundation had pushed that time back to 2:30pm on Friday, May 17. Due to a canceled practice, the flight will now take place in the afternoon. The good news is that it will now include a group of five C47s flying in formation over the Walkway. It should be quite a sight. 

Of course, admission to the Walkway is free, so those who want to see this majestic plane in flight will just have to make sure they have a good spot on the pedestrian bridge before 10:30. As of now, the weather looks clear with no chance of rain, so those who venture out should enjoy quite a show.

Scroll down to see more incredible photos of the Placid Lassie at its home in Wappingers Falls.

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