A resident living in the upper Hudson Valley region of New York state reported an odd sighting recently. The report says a strange object flew beneath the clouds for several minutes, before disappearing into thin air entirely above Chatham, New York.

A description from the report says the airborne device resembled some sort of dark colored object that was shaped like a grain of rice.

One obvious explanation could point to some sort of drone, though that would not explain how the object seemingly disappeared, according to the person's description.

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The latest reported sighting sounds somewhat similar to an incident from late March, when a passenger on a flight leaving LaGuardia Airport filmed something resembling a dark flying cylinder buzz by at a very high rate of speed. The passenger filed a report with the Federal Aviation Administration, though there has been no official explanation.

Strange Object Vanishes Into Thin Air Above Columbia County 

A report filed May 24 to the National Unidentified Flying Object Recording Center says a resident in Chatham was observing crows sitting on top of a tree, when they saw the object above that afternoon.

The person said at first they thought it was a drone, and pointed out the object to another person who was with them at the time. However, the report says the object proceeded to fly below the clouds over a nearby Price Chopper grocery store, and then suddenly “phase out of existence.".

This seems to indicate that the thing just simply vanished into nothing.

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The object was described in the report as something resembling black stone, that was shaped like a grain of rice, with an "aura or haze surrounding it."

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