A fish you'd expect to see at a reef in the Caribbean Ocean has made its home in the Hudson River.

The iconic river in New York State is home to a fascinating array of aquatic creatures. While most people know that striped bass, shad and herring all live in the Hudson River, there are some fish that many will be shocked to learn are lurking under the water.

Through the years there have been reports of dolphins, sharks and even humpback whales swimming up the river. Because the Hudson is an estuary, many saltwater fish can survive in its brackish water which is a combination of the freshwater flowing from the north and the salty Atlantic Ocean at its south. These ocean-dwelling fish habitat the river from the New York Harbor all the way to the Federal Dam in Troy.

Hudson River Fish

Many Have No Idea Exotic Fish Lives in the Hudson River

People have been shocked to learn that eels, sturgeon, lobsters and even starfish can be found in the Hudson River. But there's one fish that always seems to take people by surprise when they happen upon it.

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater posted a photo of a seahorse that was found swimming in New York. To the shock of many, the fish is actually quite abundant in the Hudson River, living in the estuary that runs through the Hudson Valley.


Last month the first seahorse of the season was spotted at Hudson River Park near Pier 40 in New York City. Since then they have been seen up and down the river through the Hudson Valley.

So, the next time you're by the river, be sure to keep your eyes on the water because you might catch a glimpse of a seahorse swimming by.

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