Over the course course of his legendary career this basketball and pop-culture Mega-Star went by many names. Diesel, The Big Aristotle, Superman, but most people know him by one name; SHAQ. Yeah that's right, we're talking about Shaquille O' Neal, the hands down, no questions asked most DOMINANT force to EVER step on basketball court, was recently spotted at one famous New York location working on a new project.

The Many Hats of Shaq

Shaquille O' Neal is most known for his Hall of Fame career on the basketball court, where the 7'1 giant played Center for six different NBA teams over the course of 19 professional seasons. He cemented himself at or near the top of a litany of statistical categories and played massive roles on four (4) NBA Championship winning teams including the Miami Heat winning their first ever title in 2006 and together with Kobe Bryant, won three consecutive championships with Los Angeles Lakers from 2000-2002.

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Off the court, Shaq is a man who wears many hats. In his life he has been a DJ, a Rapper (by the way, yes, Shaq can spit bars), a businessman and owner, and Podcaster.

He also has been a central figure on the multi-time Emmy Award winning show, Inside the NBA on TNT with Ernie Johnson, fellow Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and former NBA Champion Kenny Smith.

Another hat that Shaq has worn in the past is actor. Of the acting credits that Shaq has in his career, the most notable according to IMDB come from his starring role in the 1996 movie 'Kazaam' and his starring role in the 1997 movie 'Steel'. Well after many years, it appears that Shaq is adding to his acting credits as he was seen late last week on set filming in New York's famous Coney Island.

Shaq on Set

According to Page Six, Shaquille O'Neal was spotted on set in Coney Island on Friday June 7, 2024, filming for the Brooklyn-set crime series "Gravesend". According to the report, the Gravesend cast and crew were filming for their season three where Shaq has been cast as Mustafa, a powerful man who runs the area of Brooklyn known as Bed Stuy.


The report goes on to mention that sources say Shaq will have a major player on his side on the show; emphasis on "player". The article states Pittsburgh Steelers legend Super Bowl Champion James Harrison will be a member of Shaq's or, should say, Mustafa's crew.




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As can imagine, the sighting the famous big man sent people in the area into a frenzy. The Page Six report states that crowds in the streets screamed for Shaq in the streets while filming his scenes; cars, ambulances and fire trucks sounded off their horns and sirens and Shaq even had some time to sign autographs.

While season 3 of Gravesend is being filmed, you can catch up on seasons 1 and 2 now on Amazon's Prime Video. The show stars William DeMeo who originally is from the Gravesend, Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn, meaning the area of filming is literally his home turf. Watch the video below if you want to see how much of a force of nature, Shaquille O'Neal was during his playing days.

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