Badgers are stocky, short-legged members of the weasel family that can be found almost all over the world.

One species, the American Badger, is known for its distinctive black and white facial patterns, as it primarily makes its home in grasslands and open forest areas across North America, according to WikiBooks.

Appearance and Diet 

Their large fore claws also set them apart, and make them a formidable advisory to most animals that stand in their way. They are usually not aggressive towards humans though. Their diet is opportunistic, as they can dine on anything from plants, insects, rodents, snakes, and even birds.

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They are nocturnal, and prefer to burrow in soil with lots of sand to make their homes underground, says Wiki. However, Wildlife Illinois says they they are "strong, fast diggers, known to be capable of burrowing through roads and thin concrete."

PBS says that Americans badgers are usually found in the western, central and Midwestern parts of the United States. But do some American Badgers go as far east as New York state?

Do American Badgers Live Across New York State? 

Information on badgers found in New York is a bit scarce, and conflicting. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognizes these feisty creatures for their "fierce protection of their families, and fearless attitude", as well as for being excellent swimmers.

Now, as far as finding info for them living in New York?

One comment from a New York resident posting on the Trapperman forums claims they've seen literature on badgers in the western part of the state, though they never saw one themselves in the 50 years they've lived in New York.

An animal removal company called Frogger Wildlife says that "badgers are pretty rare in the Finger Lakes area of NY, but they on occasion do appear and can be quite vicious to encounter." This implies that this company has encountered them before.

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In a Wikipedia entry for mammals found in New York, there is indeed a mention of badgers towards the bottom of the page. However, WikiBooks also claims they can be found "as far east as Ohio and parts of New York". The website for Animal Spot also lists them as a mammal you'll find within the state.


If you were to draw a conclusion, badgers are very rare this far east, though some claim they're here in New York (or were here at one time). You'll more likely run into one of their wildlife cousins, like mink, otters, skunks, or weasels in the Empire State.

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