If you could live anywhere in New York State, where would it be and why?

If you ever pass the time during long drives by picking out homes that would look fun to own, you're not alone. We're all guilty of driving through nice-looking neighborhoods and imagining what it would be like to live there.

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Real estate guru Agent Advice decided to do some digging to find out the streets Americans wish to move to most. This curated list of the country's "most coveted" addresses included 3 handsome locations here in New York.

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The state's third most sought-after address is Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

"This iconic avenue is synonymous with luxury, housing some of the most prestigious apartments and co-ops overlooking Central Park," the publication wrote. "The Upper East Side stretch of Fifth Avenue is particularly renowned for its historic mansions, high-end shopping, and museums."

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New York's second-most envied address is Meadow Lane in Southampton. The agency said the area " is known for its spectacular oceanfront estates on one of the most expensive streets in the U.S."

Who wouldn't love to live in a place that guarantees your own private beach with plenty of space and "unparalleled luxury"?

Finally, earning the crown for being the most coveted address in New York is East Lake Road in Tuxedo Park.

Said the publication:

Renowned for its historic and luxurious estates, this road is lined with spectacular homes that boast unique architectural designs ranging from grand Victorian mansions to modernist masterpieces. The community, which has a rich heritage as one of the original gated communities in the USA, offers top-tier privacy and security, making it a preferred retreat for those desiring a discreet yet opulent lifestyle close to Manhattan.

This list was determined by polling 3,000 people about the streets they wish they called home. Of course, the list was dominated by places of status and sophistication.

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While not everyone can live in the lap of luxury, let us know on our station app using the chat function to let us know the best places to live here locally.

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