Move over Utica, New York has a city that's even more overlooked.

Today's Homeowner, which is a website that specializes in home improvement tips, decided to explore the world of travel blogging with its new list, "Most Underrated Town in Every State."

DenisTangneyJr from Getty Images Signature
DenisTangneyJr from Getty Images Signature

They could have enjoyed some credibility had they not said Rochester was the "most underrated town" in New York. Rochester, as in the fourth-most populous city in the Empire State, apparently deserves a lot more credit.

Then again, any metro area competing against New York City would appear washed up and unloved.

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Today's Homeowner said Rochester is underrated because it is the "cultural capital of upstate New York" that "offers an abundance of art galleries, museums, and cultural institutions." The outlet also highlighted its "booming" food and drink scene and noted it's home to the oldest brewery in the Empire State - Genesee Brewery.

In all, Rochester sounds like a pretty popular place to visit. It's right by Lake Ontario and is the place of some famous and historic attractions like Seabreeze Amusement Park and the Susan B. Anthony House.

Sarion/Wikimedia Commons
Sarion/Wikimedia Commons

To anyone that isn't from Albany, Buffalo, and New York City - this doesn't exactly slap of "underrated." I think the only reason why it earned this "underrated" title is because it happens to be in the same state as NYC, which is one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the world.

Today's Homeowner should have done a bit more digging and highlighted an actual town that does deserve more love. Here's five that New York City, of all places, said should be way more popular.

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While I felt resistance to embracing Rochester as New York's neglected city, I found myself agreeing with what New York City had to say about the rest of the state.

What about you? Do you think Rochester deserves the title as being the most underrated place in New York - or does another city or town deserve the crown?

Let us know by chatting us up via the station app below.

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