Many residents in the Village of Whitesboro and surrounding areas got quite the surprise on Monday afternoon as an unexpected visitor and trespasser was seen wandering through backyards and streets.

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It wasn't a would be criminal looking through vehicles or some creep looking through windows, or checking door knobs. It was a small black bear roaming around, clearly out of its normal element. The warning originally came from the official Village of Whitesboro Facebook page just after 1 p.m. Monday. It stated,

Warning to all Village residents in the area of Perimeter / Hardcastle / Willow and the adjoining neighborhoods. We have had several confirmed bear sightings. Please take the proper precautions. Do not approach the bear if seen. Bring small animals inside. NYS ENCON is aware of the situation and monitoring the situation.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation also advised to remove bird feeders from yards and remove all garbage and put it in a safe location. Any food source will likely attract the young animal. But, don't let the age fool you. Witnesses of the bear roaming around seem to feel it was a bear cub. That means it's very possible the Mama Bear wasn't too far away.

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Of course while it appears the bear has left the area as of Tuesday morning, this should be a strong reminder to everyone that you should always be very cautious that these massive land mammals can wander into neighborhoods at any time. Houses that are close to tree lines or wooded areas are likely more prone to bear sightings, but they can appear anywhere. Please be caution and be especially careful when it comes to smaller animals.

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