Grab the pole. It's almost time to go fishing in New York. But before you hit your favorite watering hole, you need to be aware of more fishing regulations changes for the 2024 season.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has already made changes to the size and limit for summer flounder and scup.

The minimum length has increased by one-half inch, from 10.5 to 11 inches for any scup caught in a boat.

If fishing from shore, the length limit stays the same at 9.5 inches.

Anglers are allowed 30 fish per day throughout the scup season which begins on May 1 and runs through December 31. From September through October, fishermen or women who take a charter can keep up to 40 per day.

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Summer Flounder Regulations

New regulations change the size of summer flounder allowed through part of the season and the amount anglers can keep.

The season opens on May 4 with a possession limit of 3 fish and a minimum length of 19.0 inches, a half inch larger than in the 2023 season but 1 fewer fish.

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The minimum length increases to 19.5 inches on August 2 and continues until closing after October 15. The 3 fish limit would remain the same.

David McNew, Getty Images
David McNew, Getty Images

Striped Bass Changes

The latest regulation changes revolve around striped bass in the Hudson River and helping reduce harvests by 14.1 percent.

Starting May 1, 2024, anglers can only keep striped bass caught in the Hudson River and tributaries north of the George Washington Bridge if they are between 23 inches and 28 inches long.

"This action was taken in response to the large increase in the coastal recreational harvest of striped bass in 2022, and repeated years of poor reproductive success in the Chesapeake Bay. "

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Current fishing limits and recreational saltwater fishing regulations can be viewed on the DEC website.

Freshly caught striped bass being prepared for dinner.
StephanieFrey/Think Stock

Free Fishing Days

There are several free fishing days in New York to try your luck at reeling in a big one without a license.

June 29 to 30
September 28
November 11

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