Well, this is certainly one way to see if your significant other is paying attention.

A TikToker who wanted to test her husband at bedtime has gone viral for her rather genius methods.

Viral Dummy Wife Test

You could probably pull this one off with a few pillows and a strategically placed blanket.

In the video, which has now been viewed more than 75 million times, a wife is seen only by viewers and away from her husband who is getting ready for bed.

She speaks to him making small talk like most exhausted couples do at the end of a long day. The husband goes about his nighttime routine before getting into bed.

The conversation continues without the husband noticing there is a mannequin in bed where his wife normally sleeps.

"Did you want to eat a snack?" the wife asks while staying out of sight on the floor.

The husband isn't interested in having anything to eat, but he does follow the question up with a playful line.

"You're my snack," he says, making his move toward the dummy.

What happens next is a mix of horror, shock and hilarity.

Others Now Wondering If Their Partners Would Notice

The couple in the video are Ricky and Lesly Almanza. The have generated a massive following on social media thanks to their willingness to share the ins and outs of their married life.

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On TikTok, where the couple has more than 4.6 million followers, the commenters couldn't get enough of Ricky's reaction.

"For a sec, he was scared because he thought the mannequin was talking," TikToker @lsmh20 wrote.

Some wondered if their significant other would even notice they were hopping in bed with a mannequin.

"I don't think my bf would notice till morning tbh," Jessy Jordyn commented.

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