A woman on Reddit dropped out of her bridesmaid duties just hours before the wedding after her friend, the bride, told her that she couldn't wear her glasses.

"I have an eye condition called anisocoria (my left pupil is always extremely dilated, while the right one works normally) and suffer from photophobia in this eye, so therefore I always wear sunglasses," the woman wrote in a since-deleted Reddit post, according to the The Mirror.

"I wanted to know what she expected me to do about my condition and she said I could wear a pretty lace eye patch because that would fit better into the aesthetic of the wedding rather than my glasses or my eyes," she continued.

The woman shared she "refused because 1. I would've had to go and buy one (I don't think I could've done it on time) and 2. I don't feel comfortable wearing something like that in front of everybody."

The woman noted she and her friend "got into an argument," which ended with her leaving the ceremony.

"I feel like I was being childish about all that, but I wish she would have told me about her issue with my eye before," she wrote. "I don't know if I'm the a--hole here so I'll accept any judgment?"

Users rallied behind the woman in the comments, suggesting the friend was out of line for telling her she couldn't wear her glasses despite needing them.

"This is for a medical condition that you can't help. It would be a different story if you just wore them for aesthetic purposes, and not a medical condition. Your friend is 100% in the wrong," one person wrote.

"You have an eye condition that you can't help and it's painful for you to not wear sunglasses because of the light. Yet your best friend thinks her aesthetic is more important on her wedding than your well-being?" another commented.

"Anyone asking you to deal with a physical condition in a way that makes you uncomfortable is not acting like a best friend but an absolute a--hole," someone else shared.

"She thinks your sunglasses are going to ruin her wedding? Your best friend is the real AH," another user wrote.

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