The massive winter storm that has hit large parts of the United States and Canada, has had a tremendous impact on multiple states from the midwest to the eastern seaboard.

High winds and bitterly cold temperatures, coupled with power outages have plagued many communities all over the country and have been a factor in the death toll that has been rising as the storm starts to subside.

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According to a report from CNBC News, at least 55 people have died nationwide from the storm, with a majority of those deaths happening right here in Western New York.

Storm-related deaths have occurred in 12 states that had been hard hit by the weather. Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin all have recorded fatalities that medical officials have pointed directly to the extreme weather as its cause.

Temperatures in many areas dipped well below zero during the height of the storm with Denver International Airport reporting a near-record low of -24°F, -2°F in Chicago, and -1°F in Cleveland.

Most Deadly Storm Buffalo Has Ever Seen

Erie County has confirmed that at least 25 deaths have occurred due to the storm, with 20 of those happening in the City of Buffalo alone.

As first responders and other emergency personnel, like the New York National Guard, continue helping Western New York to dig out from this storm, the potential exists that more fatalities will be found that have been caused by the storm.

Road Clearing Expected To Take Days

With so much snow falling in Buffalo and Western New York in such a short amount of time, government officials are reporting that it may take several days for us to dig out from all of it.

If the snow wasn't enough to worry about, the National Weather Service is reporting that a major warmup is expected towards the end of the week, which in turn will bring the risk of flooding to Western New York as the remaining snow begins to melt.

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