Few states are better for food in the United States than New York.

It helps that the biggest city in the country is in New York (New York City). The cultures there help transform the culinary experience into true elite status. It's not just New York City either.

Buffalo is on the other side of the state and could be the most underrated food city in America. Wings are what Buffalo is known for...but pizza, bar food and fine dining experiences are also amazing in Western New York.

But just like any state, there are some not so good experiences when it comes to food service. If you go on Yelp or TripAdvisor, you'll find plenty of poorly-rated restaurants in the state, especially in a city as big as New York City.

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If you go onto Yelp, you'll find plenty of restaurants with less than two stars. A few have less than 1.5 stars, with a handful having close to a 1.0 star rating.

There's one chain pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY that has a 1.2 rating with over 100 reviews.

It's the Dominos location on Rockaway Parkway. Its reviews are not kind -- ranging from cold and overcooked food to rude service and not following hour guidelines.

It's hard to find a restaurant, local or chain, with more worse reviews. Chain restaurants in huge cities often are the ones with poor ratings. Quality control is tougher and they typically get busier, meaning more opportunities for poor ratings.

You should definitely not take everything to heart on Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google reviews, but when the consensus is overwhelming, there should be trepidations about where to eat.

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