There has been a lot of talk about the brand new Buffalo Bills stadium since June of 2021, when reports of the Bills seeking to get one built surfaced. This year, everything was finally approved and work has begun on the new stadium in Orchard Park, which will be built directly across from the current location of Highmark Stadium.

That's not the only new stadium news in the NFL.

The Tennessee Titans are also seeking to get a new stadium constructed. Nissan Stadium is 24 years old but they want a new one to be built for the booming Nashville metropolitan area.

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The hope is that everything gets approval from lawmakers and they can open the new stadium in downtown Nashville in 2027, one year after the Bills will be opening their brand new stadium in Orchard Park.

On Wednesday, the Titans released renderings of the new $2.1 billion stadium, with a look inside the stadium as well.

It looks very impressive but Bills fans noticed something that they just had to roll their eyes at...on the scoreboard, the Titans decided to put up a graphic that shows them beating the Bills by a score of 21-7.

To be fair, the Bills did the same thing to the New York Jets. However, that's a division opponent, whereas the Bills and Titans are not in the same division.

Ever since the Music City Miracle (aka: Home Run Throwback), there has been a level of animosity between both teams. Bills fans are just bothered by the Titans and their seemingly opposite approach to building a team: run heavy vs. pass heavy. Buffalo is a pro football hotbed, whereas Nashville has many transplants. Cold weather vs. warm weather.

It's a rivalry, even if it's not the same division.

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