Here is how to see when Taylor Swift will land in Buffalo.

The Buffalo Bills are hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday which means Taylor Swift might be coming to Buffalo.

All planes have registration code, even for famous people and the USA makes the aircraft registry information public. Taylor Swift's plane code is N898TS, so you can bet fans will be watching to see when the plane lands in order to get a glimpse of the world's biggest superstar in Buffalo.

The best spot to go watch planes coming in to Prior Aviation is at 285 Cayuga Rd Buffalo, NY. There is a little area that is fenced in that fans go to. I am sure over the years that you see fans there in the middle of the night welcoming home the Buffalo Bills after games.

How does everyone know when the plane will actually land? Well, you have to take the flight number or code and use the LIVE TRACKER website, that is public information.

So, when is Taylor Swift flying into Buffalo? She might not be here at all, but if she does you are going to have to really keep checking the flight to see. After all, she is pretty tight with Josh Allen's girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld. Who knows--maybe she even came in early to hang with her.

Pop superstar Taylor Swift has two private jets and her Dassault Falcon 900 tri-jet is full of personal touches. Swift’s favourite number, 13, is painted near the cabin door, while her initials and part of her birth year (1989, which is also the title of her award-winning album) feature in the jet’s tail code. The registration also includes an 8, which is the number of chart-topping singles Swift had at the time of buying her jet. The impressive Dassault Falcon has a range of nearly 4,600 miles and can carry 12 passengers, so Taylor’s entourage of celebrity friends can follow her wherever she goes", according to

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