It wasn't pretty (to say the least) but the Buffalo Bills won their week 6 game over the New York Giants last night, 14-9.

The Sunday Night Football game was a brutal watch in the first half, with both teams failing to get in the end zone. Thankfully, that changed in the second half with two touchdowns from Buffalo in the 4th quarter: the first a touchdown pass to Deonte Harty and the second one to Quintin Morris.

The touchdown pass to Morris was an unbelievable throw by Josh Allen. Morris wasn't really open but Allen fit it in there. It reminded us of the touchdown pass to Morris last December against the Miami Dolphins.

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Rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid missed the game due to a concussion but Morris stepped up when the Bills needed it.

Morris shared on Instagram that when he got back home well after midnight, there was a note left on his garage door from neighbors. They congratulated him on his touchdown and a Bills victory.

Something Bills fans may have noticed last night was the Bills rolling out an offensive lineman at tight end.

Morris did leave for a bit with some kind of injury. With Kincaid out, that meant guard David Edwards was being thrown in as a tight end for a few plays. He is the designated tight end if the Bills run out of players at that position.

The win was ugly. The offense looks broken and can't get anyone going after Stefon Diggs. The good news is the toughest part of their schedule won't come until November, and the defense has been playing great all season.

Head coach Sean McDermott has been marvelous calling plays.

The Bills next travel to Foxborough to play the New England Patriots next Sunday.

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