Keon Coleman hasn't been a slam dunk with all of Bills Mafia yet.  But he's definitely winning people over day by day.

Bills fans were pretty upset on the first night of the NFL Draft when the Bills decided to trade away the 28th pick to move back to the 32nd pick.  Then they did it again and the Mafia was livid.

We've been waiting all this time to see the Bills finally pick a quality receiver in the draft that they could build around Josh Allen to help them get over the hump.  This was going to be the year.  The draft was full of great receivers.  But when the Bills didn't choose one right away, fans were confused and upset.

The Bills chose Keon Coleman

With the 33rd pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Bills chose Keon Coleman.  He's a wide receiver out of Florida State.  He was predicted to go right about where he ended up going.  No one criticized the Bills for reaching to get him.  He's definitely a skilled receiver but he didn't have the speed or the size of some of the receivers that were taken in the slots where the Bills would have originally been picking.

Keon Coleman is winning over Bills Mafia with his personality

Bills fans have definitely been vocal about the way the draft went and many weren't thrilled.  They aren't sold yet, but he's winning them over every day.  Already he's starting to get people to like him just on his personality.  Here are 5 moments that they already can't stop talking about.

1.) The time he talked about the sale he got at Macy's

One of the first conversations that Coleman had with Buffalo reporters involved how he ended up getting his yellow coat on sale at Macy's for just $79.

2.) The time he discovered the cryotherapy room at Highmark Stadium

It appears as though Coleman has never done cryotherapy.  He asked first what he was allowed to wear in there, then decided to act as though he was a wrestler coming out of a tunnel.

3.) The time he scored three imaginary touchdowns at Highmark Stadium

When asked if he had gotten a chance to visit the stadium yet, he said that not only had he visited, but he had already scored three imaginary touchdowns in 30 seconds (which by his account is a record).

4.) The time he ate cookies after the presser was over

He noticed the cookies as soon as he got to the microphone but he held off until it was all over.  Then he darted for the cookies.

5.) The time he said he didn't realize we have ice rinks at hotels in Buffalo

When he came to visit Buffalo on his 30 visit he must've stayed at the Harbor Center.  He was looking for a pool, but only found an ice rink.


None of it will matter if the pick doesn't end up with wins.  But he is definitely shaping up to be someone that Bills fans could LOVE.

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