Buffalo is one of the most sports-loving cities in the world, and loyal fans of the Bills, Sabres, Bandits, and Bisons stick with their beloved teams through both good years and bad. 

Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fans have arguably suffered the most, considering we still don’t have a Super Bowl title and have never hoisted the Stanley Cup. Banditland may have gotten the sweet taste of victory last year with an NLL championship, but anxieties are high for a repeat. And even though the Buffalo Bisons have had a great start to the season, any baseball fan knows that things can change on a dime. 

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But here’s the beautiful thing about Buffalo, New York sports fans: even though it may hurt, we can still look back and reminisce about the “good ol’ days” with our favorite teams and the legendary players that graced their roster. 

Through the years, we’ve seen many outstanding players come and go in Buffalo (and in some cases, like the Buffalo Braves and Buffalo Beauts, even teams). It made us wonder - who are the highest-scoring players in Buffalo pro-sports history?

Obviously, longevity is a factor when it comes to breaking a high-scoring record (think LeBron James), and many of Buffalo’s all-time leading scorers had careers that were longer than average. In addition, they also spent a huge portion or the entirety of their careers playing for a Buffalo franchise. 

However, when you consider the potential of injuries that come with age, along with overall dominance in their prospective leagues, the records of these all-time leading scorers are incredibly impressive, and we shouldn’t take them lightly. 

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Here are the reigning all-time leading scorers in Buffalo’s prolific pro-sports history. 

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