Wow. Tickets are as cheap as $611 for GA Packages.

Even though the Buffalo Bills season tickets had a big jump in price, they are STILL one of the most affordable season tickets in any city around the NFL.

How much are Buffalo Bills season tickets?

  • GA Packages range from $611-$2056 and the average GA Package is $1146
  • Club Packages range from $2150-$5307 and the average Club Package is $3180
  • Pricing includes NY State Sales Tax

[Buffalo Bills website]

$611 for season tickets! That is so cheap. The Buffalo Bills also announced that the new stadium would have the FINAL row of 54 foot closer to the field than the old stadium.

How many of the seats at the new Buffalo Bills stadium will be covered?

There will be coverage for 64% of the seats. Some people are mad that it is not more.

Why the price increase? Inflation? More games?

Season ticket holders will get one extra game than last year:

  • 2023: 9 total games
  • 2024: 10 total games

Some people are not happy with the increase on social media, noting that the extra preseason game isn't worth 10% more money. But, the season ticket prices are STILL some of the cheapest for any teams in the National Football League.

Last  year, 97% of season ticket holders came back for the new season. The waiting list is quite long to get season ticket holders.

  • Season ticket holders came in at 63,767.
  • Officials expect next year that we will be at over 64,000.

Even though the numbers for season ticket holders seem great, the Buffalo Bills season ticket holder amount ranks toward the bottom of the entire NFL.

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