It's been the most highly talked about subject this offseason.  What are the Buffalo Bills doing with the wide receiver position.  Today they added another possible piece.

Throughout the draft, Bills fans were begging Brandon Beane to go heavy on wide receivers.  Then when he only picked one with his 10 picks, they were scratching their heads wondering why they didn't take more.

Brandon Beane isn't done.

The Buffalo Bills sign Chase Claypool

Today, the Bills quietly signed a player off the Dolphins roster that had previously played in Pittsburgh and then Chicago.

Unfortunately his production slowed down significantly in the last couple of years but he's not been in a great position to succeed either.

Chase had his best year in 2020

The good news is that he has huge potential.  The bad news is, he hasn't really shown production.  So which is better, production or potential?  If you believe that potential is huge, this guy has a ton.

While in Pittsburgh, Claypool put up over 800 yards in 2020 on 62 receptions.  He averaged 14.1 yards per catch.  His stats were similar in 2021.  Then in 2022, they dropped off dramatically.  He was only able to log just over 300 yards before being traded to Chicago for some draft picks.

Chicago then traded Claypool to Miami after he produced just 140 yards for the end of the season in Chicago and then 51 the following year.  His numbers in Miami were even worse.

The Bills are taking a swing on Claypool

This is definitely not a slam dunk yet, but it could be.  Claypool has never been paired with a quarterback like Josh Allen.  When he was in Pittsburgh with Rothlisberger in 2020 and 2021 he had his best years.  Then after being traded to Chicago he was catching passes from Justin Fields who was recently traded after he failed to meet expectations of a first round draft pick.  Then Claypool was on a team with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle who ate up most of the targets and catches in Miami.

Does he have a chance to be a steal for the Bills?  He does.  But we will have to see.

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