The full schedule will not come out until later this week, but we do know the first Thursday night game of the season on Prime will be with this Bills' rival.

We know the opponents.  We even know where we will play them.  The only thing we don't know is when.

Today, the Bills shared that they will have a huge game to start the season in week 2.

It will be the first Thursday Night game of the season on Amazon Prime and it will take place in week 2 in Miami. (The first Thursday night game of the season will be with the Chiefs and the Ravens but it will be on NBC, not Prime.)

Storylines to follow for the Bills/Dolphins first matchup

The Weather

One of the first things that Bills fans might point out about this lineup is that the Bills won't have to play under that scorching early season Miami sun.  It has been a huge advantage for the fins over the years as their sidelines sits in the shade and the visitor's bench is directly in the sun which just bakes their opponents.  Considering this will be a night game, they won't have to worry about that this year and it will probably mean a late season game in Buffalo which has been an advantage for the Bills against the Dolphins.

Poyer's first chance to take on his former team

He's been saying that he's going to take Josh down and Poyer will have his first chance to do that since being cut by the Bills in March.

Early in the season normally means fewer injuries

Hopefully because this game is early in the season, both teams will be at full strength so we will get to see the best of the best head to head.

The Bills will start the season with a short week

The Bills will likely jump right into the season on a short week.  This matchup is week 2, so they will have already played a game (likely on Sunday) then will have to travel.  There's nothing like jumping right into it.

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