Thursday night, Robin Thicke held a listening party for his new album Paula. But was Robin's estranged wife there?

Of course not. Would you if you were Paula Patton?

Mind you, I am one of Robin Thicke's biggest fans. I met him once before and have his autograph. And I do like Robin's new song, which you can see the video below. It's one thing to write songs that allude to your broken heart and maybe even your attempts to win your lady love back, but it's another to make an entire album where every song is about the pitfalls of your relationship AND name it after the person who did the deed.

I get it from Robin's perspective. Robin is a huge Marvin Gaye fan, and, in keeping with the parallels, has essentially made his version of Gaye's 1978 album Here, My Dear, which was Gaye's "breakup" album where all the songs were about his ex, Anna Gordy Gaye. (I see other blogs have mentioned this as well, here and here).

But the thing is, is this stunt really going to "get her back"? And even if they do reconcile, Paula realizes that public opinion is going to be split. On the one hand, they have been together a long time and maybe the separation is helping her to sort out her feelings and figure it all out, but I don't think Robin is doing any favors by everytime he makes an appearance he has to talk about her. Now, he didn't at the listening party, but we'll see what he decides to do at the BET Awards on June 29. Maybe now that the album is coming out, he doesn't have to, because now the songs will.