MMG leader, Rick Ross, named himself after kingpin drug trafficker, “Freeway” Rick Ross. The real Rick Ross ran a massive Los Angeles drug empire in the early 80’s. Nick Cannon recently broke some news that a biopic is in the works, and he will be playing the role of Ross.

The announcement was made via a YouTube video featuring both Ross and Cannon hyping up the project. Cannon said, “We gonna get this thing right however long it take. The story gotta be told. The real Rick Ross. So we gonna get it done.”

Ross co-signed Cannon playing him on the big screen, saying “I’ve been wanting him to play my role since 96. We got hooked up, I met him I loved his personality.”

A tagline on the bottom of the YouTube video indicates that the movie may be penned by the same people responsible for the Johnny Depp drug flick, “Blow.” This wouldn’t be the first movie based on Ross’s exploits. The movie “100 Kilos” in 2001 documented the rise and fall of he and his clique, “The Freeway Boyz.” He was played by Glenn Plummer, who is probably best known as the convertible-driving dreadlocked man in Speed.

Ross was sentenced to life in prison in 96. A government scandal lead to a federal court reducing the sentence to 20 years. He was considered a model prisoner and had his sentence reduced further, being released in 2009.

Ross claims to have sold more than $3 million in less than 24 hours in his prime. At one point, federal prosecutors estimate that he made more than $600 million from dealing cocaine.

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