Lola Monroe is the greatest female emcee in the game today… according to the head honcho of her Taylor Gang Crew, Wiz Khalifa. Along with rhyming, the curvaceous Monroe is an actress and model from Washington DC.

Lola was nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards in 2011. She didn’t walk away with the goods but she has a promising future with backing from Wiz.

In an interview with VladTV, Wiz said her story as an Ethiopian transplant to DC gives her a compelling back-story.

“You’ve heard all these other stories and all this other s---, but you haven’t heard her’s yet, so I feel she’s different, she’s better” said Khalifa.

Check out Lola doing her thing to the tune of “Stay Schemin” (NSFW Language) and let us know what you think. Is she the hottest chick in the game?