According to reports, there’s a very good chance that Kanye will not be present for the birth of his bundle of joy. Kim K’s due date is “late” June which may interfere with ‘Ye’s schedule.

MediaTakeOut is reporting that Kanye is going to kick off a stadium tour beginning in June. They say the financial backers of the tour wouldn’t sign off on anything until they were assured that the birth of his little miracle wouldn’t interfere with any of the tour dates.

The tour is expected to officially be announced sometime this week. Kim seems to worship the ground Kanye walks on and we know she loves money… but if she has a pulse, this HAS to piss her off.

What’s more important? Money? Your career? Or the BIRTH OF YOUR CHILD??? I’ll never forget my parents sharing their memories about the day I was born. It’s a story that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. MTO is always dishin’ out “rumors” – some of which end up being true. Let’s hope this one isn’t the real deal. If it is, I think Kanye should step up as a man and put the baby first.