I’m always eager to press play when I get new music from my favorite emcees. I was like a kid on Christmas morning when someone sent me a new Cassidy track. I couldn’t wait to download it, plug in my headphones, and escape from reality for 4 minutes. Unfortunately, I’ll never get those 4 minutes back. The hustla’ tried to capitalize on the “Gangnam Style” fad with a remix called “Condom Style.” I really hope this is a joke…

Lyrically, the song is a riot. It’s definitely a departure from the “street” records we’ve come to expect from Cas. Is it a good song, though? Hell naw! Some really awful ish right here. I’m not the only one who’s less than impressed with the effort – Meek Mill dropped a line on his Instagram.

Meek Mill, Instagram
Meek Mill, Instagram

“Go 2 rapradar.com this is the worst song in the history of rapping… this gotta b a joke! Goggle #condomstyle.”

Let the battle for the Philadelphia Hip Hop crown begin!